Dear visitor this page provides a number of tests that you can run in order to verify the integrity of your VPN setup.

Some of the tests run automatically and will open the tests panel showing you the results after about 20 seconds. If you just setup the VPN please run all of the tests to make sure that you are not accindentally leaking sensitive information onto the internet.

If you are unable to fix a detected issue please come to the support chat or write us an email to!

IP Address Results

This panel shows the IP address your browser used to connect to the check website. If you are connected to the VPN you should see your VPN IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Public IP Address:
You are not using an IPredator VPN address.

IPv6 leaks

If this test shows an IPv6 leak either disable IPv6 on your system or use the IPv6 enabled VPN pool (

No IPv6 connection leak has been detected.

DNS leaks

The DNS leak test will force your browser to issue a number of DNS queries. It will then analyze which servers made the DNS queries. If the listed DNS servers are not from the list of authorized DNS servers you need to reconfigure your systems DNS settings.

No IPv4 or IPv6 DNS leaks have been detected.

WebRTC leaks

This test will check if WebRTC is enabled in your browser. If WebRTC is active it can be used to decloak your VPN IP and discover your real IP addresses. Disabling WebRTC varies between the browsers. Please run this test with all the browsers you use!

Local IP addresses:
    Public IPv4 addresses:
      Public IPv6 addresses:

        Port scanner

        Initiates a TCP/UDP port scan. Do not download while running the scan.
        To improve the speed of the scanner you can configure it to take your latency to the scan server into account. High equals 400ms, medium is 150ms, low is 75ms. A latency setting of 'High' yields better results especially when you are far away (eg. US, Africa, Asia).

        Browser details

        CCBot/2.0 (

        Please check your browser for further leaks with the excellent tool Panopticlick made by the EFF.